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If you get hurt in a slip and fall case, then this can quickly translate into thousands of dollars worth of
medical bills. Your health insurance may provide coverage up to a certain point, but if this stops, you are
in trouble. Many slip and fall victims find it hard to resume work immediately, as well. In such cases, the
idea of continuing treatment may appear to be a costly endeavor. The good news is, there are many
ways that you can manage medical expenses in a slip and fall case. Let’s take a look at what these are
and how they can help you.

Ask for Medical Payments Coverage

If you have been in a slip and fall incident, then you can ask for medical payments coverage from the
owner of the property where the incident occurred. Most insurance companies and property owners are
willing to cooperate in such cases. They have a medical payments coverage policy available that can help
you out. This type of coverage is not mandatory. It is provided by the party responsible as a goodwill
gesture to protect their public image.

Seek an Initial Settlement

We mentioned above that a property owner or company is not mandated to manage medical expenses
in a slip and fall case. Therefore, if you happen to have a slip and fall incident outside a property where
the owner does not have this type of coverage, then you can try for a settlement out of court. In such
cases, you agree to accept a settlement that is usually less than what your case was originally worth. The
party responsible will also have to pay a little more than what they normally would. This type of
settlement can benefit both parties to some extent. The money from this settlement advance can help you pay
your medical bills too.

Need Money Before Settlement? Consider a Lawsuit Advance

If you and the property owner are unable to reach a settlement out of court, then the next step is filing
for a lawsuit. However, these cases may take a while to settle. So what can you do in the meantime?
How do you manage your medical expenses? You can apply for a personal injury lawsuit advance. This is a
type of legal funding that can help you pay your medical bills and other expenditures until you get the
settlement amount. There are several advantages to getting a lawsuit advance. These advances are flexible and
easy to apply for. You can consult with your attorney and apply for a injury lawsuit advance from a reputed
settlement funding company. These advances only require repayment after your case is settled.

Let’s Sum It Up

There are several ways to manage your medical expenses in a slip and fall case. You can:

● Ask the property owner to provide you with medical coverage
● File for an out of court settlement
● File a lawsuit and application for personal injury lawsuit advance

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