Alabama lawsuit funding is a way that you, as a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit in our state, can get financial help while you wait for a court settlement to award you the damages you deserve.  Mayfield Settlement Funding is a unique funding source that provides cash advances to plaintiffs and claimants in Alabama who are involved in personal injury and other types of cases.  Our goal is to get you the funds you need so that you can pay your bills and maintain your lifestyle by getting your money before your case is settled.

So, what does this mean if you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit in Alabama?   We know that this might be the first time you are involved in a personal injury claim and you may not be aware of lengthy litigation process involved in personal injury lawsuit in our state. You may be taken by surprise when you first realize that in an Alabama lawsuit, it may take months, if not years, for you to receive compensation for your injuries.  Welcome to reality!

But there is hope.  By means of a pre-settlement lawsuit cash advance through Mayfield Settlement Funding, you get access to immediate cash and owe nothing until your case is settled.  That is because we only get paid from the proceeds from your lawsuit judgment or settlement – whenever that eventually occurs.  That is why we do not consider the cash advance provided by Mayfield Settlement Funding a lawsuit loan.  Loans require repayment.  We only require payment in Alabama lawsuit funding if and when you receive a monetary award as part of the settlement of your case.  As a Mayfield Settlement Funding client, you only pay back your cash advance if you win.   That’s right – if you don’t win your case, you don’t have to repay the cash we have advanced.

Too good to be true?  Consider this:  Alabama lawsuit funding is regulated by Section 5-18 of the Alabama Small Loan ActMayfield Settlement Funding is fully licensed in the state of Alabama and the terms of the cash advance you can receive from us – including interest rates and associated fees – are governed by state law.  Another plus – one which Mayfield stands firmly behind – is the fact that there is no restriction on how you spend the lawsuit cash advance you receive from us.  How you spend your money is up to you – everyone’s needs are different.  Some of our plaintiffs in Alabama have used their money to:

  • Pay off debts
  • Catch up on bills
  • Pay current or back mortgage payments in order to avoid foreclosure
  • Pay current or back rent so that they avoid eviction
  • Cover out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Make car payments
  • Cover daily living expenses

In summary, the goal of Mayfield Settlement Funding is to help you take control of your situation so that you can resolve your Alabama lawsuit on YOUR terms and not suffer undue hardship while awaiting the outcome of litigation.   Our outstanding customer service, together with fast funding of loans, enables Mayfield Settlement Funding to provide what you need immediately.  Whether your lawsuit case is in the Montgomery or any of surrounding areas and you have hired an attorney to represent you, you are pre-approved.  Simply give us a call at 1(888)800-8400 and ask for one of our Birmingham, Alabama area funding experts to walk you through the easy and quick process.  We stand ready to help you – just give us a call!