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Mayfield Settlement Funding is the premier funding company in the Atlanta and surrounding area. We love Atlanta and specialize in personal injury or pre-settlement funding for victims of a car accident, slip & fall, premises liability, wrongful death or any case that caused you to suffer an injury. Life can be unpredictable and when it is, you may need a little financial help to get back on track. We understand and are here to help. In fact, you are pre-approved for an advance on your pending lawsuit case.

Let Mayfield Settlement Funding be your immediate solution to the mounting bills and worrisome calls from bill collectors. If you need money right now and cannot wait for your case to settle and you have an attorney, we can help you live comfortably while you wait for your lawsuit claim to settle. It’s fast – really fast – and it’s easy!

Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to HELP! 


Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains just south of the Chattahoochee River and straddling the Eastern Continental Divide, Atlanta is the state capital for Georgia. The naming of Atlanta has several versions depending on what story you choose to believe. Some say, a railroad engineer, working where the two railroads intersected, shortened the “Atlantica-Pacifica” to Atlanta.  Others relate Atlanta’s name, like the mythological Egyptian bird called Phoenix, to rising from the ashes to rebuild bigger and stronger. To me, the nickname, “City in a Forest”, clearly describes Atlanta with its’ lush canopy of rolling hills and dense tree coverage that embrace the skyline.

American history is chock-full of events showcasing Atlanta’s heritage and significant contributions. A well-known example: Atlanta, Georgia, served as the hub for distribution of military supplies during the Civil War era. With the revengeful and strategic burning of most of the city by General Sherman (only 400 buildings survived), Atlanta, Georgia will forever be remembered for their incredible determination and the forceful spirit exhibited to rebuild and eventually evolve into a great global community.

Today, this booming metropolis boast the world’s busiest airport measuring over 45 football fields in length. The Atlanta International Airport doors warmly welcome international guests and 35 million tourists a year that arrive to conduct business and enjoy the museum, arts and entertainment and sporting events held in and near the 3 high-rise districts of Downtown, Midtown & Buckhead. Steeped in progress and expansive growth, The Bank of America Plaza displays in glory of 1,023 feet and earns the title of the tallest building in America. Many of the world’s most famous companies including Coca Cola, CNN, and UPS call the Atlanta area home. The five plus million people of Atlanta are rightfully proud of the role they’ve played in history! As the birthplace for many celebrities, authors, environmentalist, etc., two are the most noteworthy – Martin Luther King, Jr. for his role in the civil rights movement and President Jimmy Carter.

Incredibly, Atlanta, Georgia, shows no signs of slowing down and passionately continues their efforts to guarantee Atlanta remains one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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