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Immediate Cash Advance $500 – $250,000

Fast & Easy Application Process

Same Day Processing

Fast & Friendly Customer Service


Simple Contract - No Gimmicks

Direct Lender - No Middleman

No Application Fee or Monthly Payments

No Credit Checks-No Income Verification

Types Of Cases We Fund


Auto Accidents


Premise Negligence (Slip & Fall)


Jones Act (Maritime)


Pedestrian Injury


Wrongful Death


FELA (Railroad)


General Negligence


Workplace Negligence


Worker's Compensation

Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to HELP – by getting you cash NOW!


Mayfield Settlement Funding is the nation’s premier funding company. We offer settlement loans to those in the Bakersfield area that are waiting for a court case or insurance company to settle their lawsuit or case. If you, or someone you know, have suffered an injury due to the negligence of someone else, you are pre-approved for a Mayfield Settlement advance.

Pre-settlement or lawsuit funding with Mayfield is a non-recourse advance on the money you expect to “win” from your case. Often referred to as a “cash loan”, our non-recourse advances are different than a traditional loan from a conventional financial institution. First, past employment and current credit history does not matter to us. Next, no upfront fees are charged for the application process. No collateral is required to secure the loan. And, best of all, NO RISK TO YOU! No risk to you because with our non-recourse advances, we are repaid when you receive a settlement or an award. If you do not receive a settlement or award (even though you and your attorney have worked toward that goal), there is no repayment required. That’s no risk to you!!

Bakersfield, California nestled in the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley in Kern County, Bakersfield generates 76% of the state’s oil supply. Not only is Kern County known for its strong presence in oil and related natural gas, aerospace, mining and refining, but it is one of the most productive agricultural communities in the US.

Although the diverse economy in Bakersfield had made it a fast growing community, the real attraction is the breathtaking scenery found in the rich rolling hills and valley’s which are speckled with farms, groves and oak trees. For the healthy outdoor folks, just about everything nature can provide exists in the area; including wildlife preserves, fly-fishing, hiking and thrill-seeking whitewater tubing and rafting attractions. The more artistic and creative ones will find an endless supply of landscapes to capture the imagination and support our passion for creating art on canvas.

Discover Bakersfield’s not-to-be-missed museums… and bring the family! The Kern County Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Art and Crystal Palace Museum will instruct and delight each time you visit. The Crystal Palace is loved by everyone for its’ live music, dancing and humongous food portions. Why not check out the largest music venue located at Rabobank Arena? If your timing is right, you’ll be tapping your toes and humming along to the music from world-famous musicians/talent performing everything from country to jazz to classic.

The list of things to do in and around Bakersfield, California, is impressive and visitors are amazed at all the attractions. There is something special to do for everyone!

Even in such a wonderful area like Bakersfield,California, life can be unpredictable and accidents happen. If you or someone you know has a lawsuit and needs money now, Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to help.

If a cash advance or cash loan would help you to catch up on your bills or help you cover the extra medical cost you may be incurring, Mayfield Settlement Funding is a quick phone call away. We can help relieve the stress you are experiencing – right now. Maybe you have an unexpected emergency or your household bills are falling behind because you are unable to work due to your injuries — you need cash NOW. Your current financial struggle may not wait the months or, sometimes years, it takes for your lawsuit to settle. There is an immediate solution to put money in your wallet TODAY with Mayfield Settlement Funding.

If you have questions or you are ready to find out how easy and fast Mayfield Settlement Funding really is….

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