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Lawsuit Funding & Pre-Settlement Cash Advance



We understand and are here to help. Mayfield Settlement Funding can be your immediate solution to the mounting bills and bill collector’s calls. If you need money right now and cannot wait for your lawsuit or case to settle, and you have an attorney, we can provide funds to help you live comfortably while you wait for your lawsuit claim to settle. We are FAST and IT’S EASY!

Our “cash advances” or “lawsuit loans” are a non-recourse advance on your case. By getting a portion of the money you expect to win, you can pay your bills and rest easier while your attorney continues to fight for the maximum amount of money from the other offending side.

There are NO out-of-pocket costs to you with a Mayfield pre-settlement advance. NO credit or employment history verification necessary. NO required collateral. NO uncomfortable conversations on why6 you need the funds that might include sharing you are out of work, suffering from loss of wages, savings has been depleted, house payment is due or foreclosure is around the corner, tuition is due, etc.

Mayfield has helped thousands who, just like you, have suffered an injury that was not your fault and are in need of a temporary financial boost to avoid settling your case too early. Many times, the length of time it takes to resolve and settle a case is months or even years. It’s difficult to survive the affects this has on you and your loved ones. Every phase of your life is jumbled and, frankly, bill collectors don’t care; they just want their money. We do care and are here to help you!

Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to HELP!




Located at the furthest inland port on the Eastern bank of the Mississippi River, Baton Rouge is the state capital of Louisiana.

For over 300 years, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has been a family-friendly community steeped in a rich tapestry of historical importance. Sitting proudly on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River rests the original Gothic Revival style Old Capital Building. The remarkable history this castle-looking building has experienced provides an interesting snapshot of life in the Baton Rouge area from 1850 – 1932.

Huey Long – the infamous and controversial local politician and member of the US Senate – is credited with promoting the construction and replacement of the Old State Capital Building with the State Capital downtown landmark of today. Architect Leon C. Weiss’ design displays the art deco motif, wildly popular in 1931, and earned recognition for being the tallest state capital building in the US.  Ironically, Huey Long was assassinated in the very same building.

Politics is but a fraction of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and surrounding area memories. Historic sites from as early as the 1790’s include elegant cathedrals, the oldest wooden structures in Louisiana, and stunningly ornate plantations with their wide welcoming porches. The cultural mix of Cajun and Creole is jubilantly celebrated all day but at night, it really heats up in downtown cafes and local pubs offering music, entertainment and Cajun style foods. A triple deck riverboat – docked on the Mississippi – beckons you to relive the era of riverboat gambling.

Always warm and welcoming, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has earned their reputation for having a good time!

Even in the Baton Rouge area, life can be unpredictable. If you or someone you know is a victim of a car accident, slip & fall, premises liability, wrongful death or any type of case that caused you to suffer a personal injury, you may need a little financial help to get back on track. Mayfield Settlement Funding  is the premier funding company in the Baton Rouge area. We specialize in personal injury or pre-settlement funding and you are pre-approved for an advance on your pending lawsuit.


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