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Lawsuit Funding & Pre-Settlement Cash Advance


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A community of “good neighbors” is exactly what Buffalo is all about. Every day, in every way, Buffalonians are proud, hard-working, thoughtful folk who enjoy their community and embrace new residents in the most welcoming way.  What isn’t welcomed, but unfortunately can happen, are accidents that cause a personal injury. Whether it’s from a motor vehicle, a slip and fall, wrongful death or any type of accident causing injury, Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to help by providing an advance on the lawsuit before and even after it settles. If you need money NOW and cannot wait for your case to settle; and you have hired an attorney, we can help you survive comfortably while your attorney works on your case. A Mayfield advance is fast – really fast – and it’s easy!

Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to HELP!


Our “cash advances” or “lawsuit loans” are a non-recourse advance on your expected award or case settlement. By getting a portion of the money you are expected to “win” in a Mayfield settlement advance, you can pay your bills, get caught up and rest a little easier.

And, more good news – there are NO out-of-pocket costs to you with a Mayfield Settlement Funding advance. NO credit checks or employment history verification is required. NO collateral – unlike a regular bank – required. There are NO uncomfortable conversations on why you need the money. You may be out of work and physically suffering, your savings may be depleted, your house payment is past due or foreclosure is about to happen, or tuition is coming up. All of this adds more stress – stress you do not need while you are recuperating.

Mayfield has helped thousands who, just like you, have suffered because of the wrongful actions of someone else. We provide a boost of cash directly to you so you are able to avoid the temptation of settling your case sooner than you should.

We understand what you are going through and we know how long it can take for a lawsuit to actually settle. Sometimes it’s month or even years before you receive your funds. It’s really hard to imagine how to not go under financially. Mayfield Settlement Funding may be your solution. We specialize in funding cases like yours in the Buffalo area.  Let us show you how simple it is and how beneficial we can be in providing you the much-needed funds.


Located in Western New York along the shores of Lake Erie, Buffalo is part of the Great Lakes Region and lies opposite Fort Erie, Ontario. Buffalo, New York, is the very beginning of the Niagara River which flows over popular and impressive Niagara Falls. “Buffalonians” rightfully claim the privilege of having breathtaking views of the sunset over the Niagara River.

The “City of Good Neighbors” spawned huge growth as an industrial community as early as the 19th and 20th century thanks to the building (October of 1825) of the Erie Canal. Considering the time-frame the Erie Canal was engineered and built, the Erie Canal is indeed a marvel!

Today, Buffalo and the surrounding area is a mecca for fun lakeside activities and fabulous sightseeing. Paddle-board and kayaking are part of the play-time interests and so is attending one of the many sporting events hosted by the city. Passionate about their sports in every way, Buffalo takes pride in supporting their teams.

This quaint area thrives on its diversification both in things to do and places to go.  Cultural treasures, spectacular murals, historic monuments and statues supporting good citizenship are found in Buffalo’s Goldome, Peace Bridge and the Art Deco City Hall Building.  The cultural contributions and ethnic heritage in the Buffalo area is thoughtfully woven throughout the city’s buildings. Buffalo’s unique ethnicity delightfully extends itself to the multitude of ethnic cuisines available throughout the area. Just can’t seem to pick a favorite – the selection is extensive and incredibly tasty.

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