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If you are a victim of a car accident, dog bite, slip & fall, wrongful death or have suffered any type of personal injury, Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to help as a financial crutch during your time of recovery.

Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to HELP


Our process is fast and it’s easy. There are no upfront costs to you, no monthly billing or invoicing and no collateral is required. Your poor credit history or employment history are not used in determining the amount we can fund to you now and in the future. Our in-house funding underwriters work strictly off the details of your case.

If you have suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligence and are waiting on a settlement, a personal injury advance or “loan” may be a solution to how to pay your monthly household bills, or an unexpected bills.

Cincinnati – also known as “The Queen City” is the third largest city in Ohio and was founded on December 28th, 1788. The city is located in the southwest region part of the state along the Ohio River, at the Ohio-Kentucky border, just opposite Covington and Newport, Kentucky. In 1867, The Roebling Suspension Bridge that connects Kentucky and Ohio opened to traffic and at 1057 feet it was the longest in the world. The Roebling Bridge not only stands as a relic but was very influential throughout history. The infamous bridge was vital in linking the two cities for obvious reasons – convenience. However, the bridge also served as an inspiration for other cities such as New Jersey and New York, thus resulting in John A. Roebling’s creation of the Brooklyn Bridge.

“Queen City” is home to many famous people such as: George Clooney, Jerry Springer, Steven Spielberg and Neil Armstrong! Cincinnati, Ohio, is unique because it was the first of many cities to start important channels of communication. The city was the first in the country to have a licensed public television station in 1954. Cincinnati was the first settlement in Ohio to publish a newspaper in 1793 and was also the first city to establish a paid, municipal department and fire house over 200 years ago. The first air mail delivery, which was from Cincinnati to Toledo, by hot air balloon, makes for a remarkable point in history.

Festivities are always occurring in this lively city, whether it’s the Cornhole tournament, Oktoberfest-Zincinnati or the “Run like Hell” race during Halloween – there is never a dull moment! Excitement and adventure

Mayfield Settlement Funding is one of the fastest and most reliable funding companies in the industry. We are a direct-lender – not a broker. Our friendly, funding experts are here to help and can be reached by calling our toll free number at (888)800-8400 or visit our immediate service page  or email questions [email protected].