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If you are a victim of a car accident, dog bite, slip & fall, wrongful death or have suffered any type of personal injury, Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to help put cash in your wallet while you wait for your claim to settle.

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Mayfield Settlement Funding is the nation’s premier funding company. We understand what you are going through. You may be unable to work due to the accident and it’s getting hard to wait the months and, sometimes, years for your lawsuit to settle. Covering your day-to-day living expenses could have depleted your savings and the extra medical costs and loss of income is devastating for you and your loved ones. A Mayfield “cash advance” or “settlement loan” is fast and it’s easy! A pre-settlement advance can make an immediate difference by providing money to pay your bills and take the stress off your shoulders.

Our lawsuit cash advances or cash  “loans” are a non-recourse advance on your pending lawsuit. We advance you money NOW without risk to you. If you lose your case – no settlement or award is received – you owe us NOTHING!

Located in North Central Texas, Dallas is the 9th largest city in the US and holds the world’s 4th busiest airport. Built in 1973, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is only a 10 minute drive from downtown – a delightfully short ride to the city for the growing number of weary international business travelers and tourists. Upon arrival, a cache of 4 and 5-star diamond hotels, outstanding culinary (provided by award-winning restaurants) and plenty of amusing entertainment waits. With the astounding number of amenities available, is it any wonder that Dallas has become a leading convention destination in the US?

Historically Dallas, Texas,  began as a colorful trading post, but thanks to the entrepreneurial and forward-thinking folks of Dallas, a network of major railroads was constructed and the city grew into a center for oil, cattle and the cotton industries. The growth continued and Neiman Marcus took a bold step and opened its doors in 1907.

The standard was set by Neiman Marcus for today’s title of the best elegant shopping to be found in the southwest. When it comes to shopping, if you can’t find it in Dallas, it doesn’t’ exist!

After a hard day of shopping, it’s great to relax and meet up with friends at one of 14 entertainment districts. If business occupied your day, you’re not alone. Dallas, Texas, is a true leader in the business community and is home to 18 Fortune 500 companies – Exxon Mobil, JC Penney, AT&T, Texas Instruments to name drop a few. It’s interesting that 23 of the richest Americans reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Could it be they love sports? If so, they aren’t alone.

Dallas is the #1 Sports City in America and the passion we feel for our teams is bigger than the state itself. Home to 5 professional sports teams, Dallas Cowboys (NFL); Dallas Stars (NHL); Dallas Mavericks (NBA); FC Dallas (MLS) and the Texas Rangers (MLB) – not to mention NASCAR and Indy Racing – we are downright serious about our sports!

The Dallas community is a diverse culture with an entrepreneurial flair. The quality of life in Dallas is big, beautiful and the best of Texas. Mayfield Settlement Funding is proud to be able to specialize in personal injury lawsuit cash advances for Dallas and the surrounding area.

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With Mayfield Settlement Funding, it’s easy and fast!  There is no out-of-pocket cost to you. No employment or credit check. No collateral required and it’s confidential. We are one of the few funding companies that is not a broker. Mayfield is a direct lender so there will not be any hidden broker fees and no sharing of your case information with others. Our dedicated and caring funding experts are here to help ease your concerns.

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