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Are you a plaintiff in an injury lawsuit who finds your financial situation is becoming stressful?  At Mayfield Settlement Funding, we provide personal injury loans for residents in Duluth, Minnesota, and surrounding areas who need cash immediately.  We know how tough it can be to pay all of the bills, medical costs, and other expenses when you have been injured and in some cases, cannot work.  To learn if lawsuit funding may be a solution for your circumstances, we have provided some basic information to enlighten you about the process.

Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to HELP – by getting you cash NOW!

The only prerequisite for determining if you qualify for pre-settlement funding is the strength of your lawsuit.  While we do not fund weak or frivolous lawsuits, we find that most are solid; otherwise, a personal injury attorney generally will not take on the case.  Individuals in Duluth, Minnesota, who are being represented by a capable injury attorney will likely be determined eligible for funding.

Lawsuit loans are not really loans at all, but a cash advance given to plaintiffs who qualify, a portion of your own money, if you will.  How much of an advance you can expect depends on factors including the value of your claim, which is determined by your attorney.  A member of our staff will review your claim to determine if you are eligible for lawsuit funding, and how much you qualify for. In most cases, eligible applicants will receive an advance of approximately 10% of the value of their lawsuit.

What does the process of applying involve?  Your attorney will fill out the application, which is to be signed by both of you.  The application will request information that is relevant only to your injuries and how they occurred, such as in an accident, due to medical negligence, or other circumstances.  We do not require personal information such as credit rating or employment history.  Once the application is submitted to our staff, it will be reviewed promptly. If you are approved, you will receive an advance within 24 hours or less!

Personal injury loans are non-recourse, which simply means that you are not liable for repaying the advance in the event you do not win your case.  You only repay the loan if you do win, so you are never at any risk financially.

Ready to get the money you need today to pay bills, buy groceries, and live normally, without financial stress?

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