When you are stuck in a pending lawsuit or litigation, consider a personal injury loan, you know that the waiting game can be strenuous and very frustrating. The insurance companies and defendants in pending litigation understand this and will attempt to extend out the lawsuit and settle for the lowest amount possible. With this information available, you need to ensure you are looking for whatever tools are available to fight your case as aggressively as possible. Although you want to ensure you get the largest settlement possible, some times you find yourself in need of money to continue fighting your case. This is where Pre-Settlement loans can be extremely valuable to fight your case.

Pre-Settlement Loans are not technically loans. They are considered Pre-Settlement Funding. Mayfield Pre-Settlement Loans are very valuable to assist in your fight if your pending litigation is taking too long to settle and you find yourself in need of money.

There was a recent litigant in a Kansas City personal injury case that needed money to fight their lawsuit. If they would have settled early, they would have lost over $10,000 in increased settlement. This is simply because the offer on the table was made knowing that the litigant needed money to pay their bills in their pending lawsuit. They obtained a pre-settlement loan in order to help fight for a few more months. This ended up working in their favor using Pre-settlement funding services.

Mayfield Pre-Settlement Funding can assist you with a fast lawsuit loan on your personal injury case. Contact them today for a free application!