Get Money For Your Personal Injury Lawsuit


When you are injured and find yourself involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you have options!  Unfortunately many people don’t know that there are pre-settlement funding service companies that offer you the ability to get money for your lawsuit prior to settling your case!

Insurance companies are well aware of the fact that delaying an injury settlement can help push the plaintiff in an insurance negotiation and/or lawsuit to settle their negotiations early!  This is an unfortunate reality that happens all the time.  However, you don’t have to throw away money during your litigation by “giving in” early to the insurance companies (or defendants) demands preemptively.

No matter how your injury occurred, if you have a legitimate claim thru an insurance company or reputable company – Mayfield Settlement Funding may be able to help!


So How Do I Get Money For Lawsuit’s From Mayfield?


The process is extremely simple! You fill out a simple lawsuit cash form on our website, make sure to gather your attorney contact information and any documents related to your case.  Helpful documents to expedite your approval will could include items such as police reports, injury information, etc.  If you are in need of extremely fast funding, call our team at 1-888-800-8400 so that we can verify we have everything we need to finalize your settlement funding case.

Once your application is received, our team will quickly review all items included.  After the application is reviewed and all information is verified, we will let you know if your funding is approved.  Expedited requests can be handled same day as long as your attorney is available to answer any questions needed and your application was complete.

You can get money for a lawsuit within 24 hours with Mayfield Settlement Funding.  Our company is self funded, so you don’t have to deal with lengthy wait times to process your request.  With several full time employees, we are equipped to walk thru the process with you quickly and effectively.

If you have any questions or are interested in applying, contact us today!