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Immediate Cash Advance $500 – $250,000

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Worker's Compensation

Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to HELP – by getting you cash NOW!


If you have suffered an injury caused by the carelessness of someone else, have hired an attorney in the Hartford area to pursue your claim and need cash immediately, Mayfield is ready to quickly work on your behalf and provide you with a solution to the mounting bills and worrisome calls from collectors. Mayfield specializes in lawsuit funding and personal injury “cash advances” for folks in your area who need money right now and cannot wait for their lawsuit to settle. Pre-settlement funding with Mayfield provides a way to live comfortably while you wait for your claim to settle. By getting a portion of the money you expect to receive from your settlement, you will be able to pay your bills, rest a little easier and focus on your case details to guarantee you collect the most money possible from the offending side.

Our personal injury “loans” or advances are not like a traditional loan. There is no out-of-pocket cost to you. No employment or credit checking. No collateral. No difficult conversation regarding the use of the money and why you need it. No risk to you. A non-recourse advance from us means you are required to repay us when your case settles. If you do not recover a settlement or award, Mayfield does not expect you to repay us.

We’re fast – it’s easy and our non-recourse lawsuit advance may be your immediate solution!

Founded in 1637, Hartford, Connecticut,  has a rich, captivating history and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Early Dutch and English explorers were lured to set up camps and forts along the Connecticut River in and around the Hartford area. Soon, a village was born and over the course of years, Hartford became a major contributor in American history.

From inspiring politics, to original mass production manufacturing practices, to literary geniuses, the creative contributions made by citizens of Hartford are utilized world-wide. As early as the 1800’s, historians have taught the concept of “self-rule” created in the Fundamental Orders –father to the Connecticut Constitution- and a guideline impacting the US Constitution. With free-thinking citizens supporting Abraham Lincoln, the Hartford area became a haven and center for the abolitionist movement. Resident Harriet Beecher Stowe illuminated and challenged the world when she authored “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. Her sister, Isabella Beecher Hooker ignited the community in strong support of the women’s rights movement. Ms. Stowe’s restored home, located in the Asylum Hill historic district, displays a number of her personal items for locals and tourists to admire. Down the street, and not to be missed, is her famous neighbor, Mark Twain. It’s here in his Victorian Gothic mansion that Mark Twain penned most of his famous books while raising his family.

Departing from the literary scene, but equally innovative is the Colt family estate, Armsmear, which is recognizable by its’ blue and gold onion dome. Samuel Colt – industrialist and inventor – initiated mass production techniques with his cutting edge assembly line process in the manufacturing of guns. His design and patent for a mechanism with multiple firing pistons became popular during the Mexican-American and Civil Wars. In order to supply sufficient quantities of this amazing gun during the Civil War to the Union Army, he created the first assembly line. His assembly line process was copied and used by other forward-thinking companies in the production of sewing machines, typewriters, bicycles.

The Connecticut River (the divide between Hartford and East Hartford) was a contributing factor to the record flood damage in 1909. Resilient and determined, Hartford successfully rebuilt only to gain notoriety from the catastrophic 1944 “Hartford Circus Fire” disaster initiated at Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus event.  Throughout Hartford’s history, determination peppered with creativity became the mainstay for growth.

The lessons gained from our cherished history have transformed the Hartford area into a mecca of diverse cultures and industries. Today, the Hartford is known as the “Insurance Capital of the World”. Major players like Cigna, Aetna and Hartford Financial Services are headquartered here. Travelers Insurance and United Health Insurance play an active role in the continuing emergence as a historic city moving forward to future opportunities.

Mark Twain shared his thoughts on the Hartford area, “Of all the beautiful towns it has been my fortune to see, this is the chief”.

Even in this beautiful area, accidents can happen. When life unexpectedly takes a wrong turn and an accident happens, you may need help in maintaining your lifestyle while waiting for your pending lawsuit claim to settle. Mayfield Settlement Funding has preapproved Hartford and the surrounding area for a “cash advance” or “settlement loan”.

If you have been injured through no fault of your own; are a victim of a personal injury claim from a car accident, slip & fall, dog bite, wrongful death, premises liability case; have an attorney in or around Hartford, give us a call at (855)329-1503 or visit our application page  or email questions [email protected]


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