Great question! Realistically with Mayfield there is no limit to the number of Pre-settlement advances you can get (technically this is not a loan, its a lawsuit advance or pre-settlement funding)?

We provide funding based on your lawsuit determined by the estimated amount of your settlement. The great thing is that when using Mayfield, we have all your information and you can start with a smaller advance and make future advances very easily with our company. We handle all of our financing in house, so you don’t run the risk (like at other companies) of your advance being outsourced which can include new costs or fees depending on the provider.

You can get 2 pre-settlement advances or even more!

Mayfield is able to provide funding extremely fast, and many times SAME DAY!  So we want you to be able to get the money you need quickly.  If you didn’t take a full advance the first time around, we are more than happy to provide additional pre-settlement advances on your lawsuit.

How do I get a 2nd Pre-Settlement Funding Advance on My Lawsuit?

Easy! Simply fill out this simple form.  We will contact you if we need anything further!

Fast & Easy Settlement Funding