An injury at sea

You may be entitled to compensation through the Jones Act if you have had an injury while working at sea. How, exactly, does this work? Read on to find out what what qualifies as an injury at sea. And, see if you are eligible for Jones Act lawsuit funding.

The basics

If you are an American citizen who works at sea and were injured while on the job, you immediately can receive workers compensation through the Jones Act. This act was created by the US government to help promote safety amongst it’s workers on the sea. Since the conditions of working at sea are different than land, the Jones Act ensures a safe working environment. Because there is a higher risk involved with working at sea (things like bad weather, swaying boats, and other factors can definitely make environments more dangerous) this act is important. But… what if the workers compensations provided through the Jones Act is not enough?

Getting more

Often times, workers compensation will not fully cover the extent of injuries. That is where Jones Act lawsuit funding comes in. Also, like any other lawsuit related to injuries, time is not on your side. Rather, you could be be waiting months or even years before you reach a settlement. AND you have to still pay bills. AND it can sometimes actually be even worse when you throw and injury AND inability to work into the mix.

Jones Act lawsuit funding is an attractive option for those individuals currently waiting for a settlement in a case where they were injured at sea. Why should you choose lawsuit funding over typical loans? There are a few reasons, but the main, most important one is that it helps to relieve stress related to paying for expenses. These types of loans can cover your financial needs past what workers compensation would give you. Furthermore, you only pay back Jones Act lawsuit funding IF you win your settlement.

To learn more about how you can get Jones Act lawsuit funding, contact the staff at Mayfield Settlement Funding. They have experience dealing with lawsuit funding Jones Act cases, and can help you today.