Car accidents are no fun

Have you been in an accident while driving your vehicle? Car accidents are scary, especially if you’ve been injured. When you are hurt, you can’t work and you can start to see expenses pile up. Not only are you totally stressed out, but it might feel impossible to keep your head above water during this time. It might seem like no one is on your side and trying to help you get back on track. That’s where lawsuit funding for car accidents comes in. Find out our top reason to choose lawsuit funding for car accidents.

1. Inability to work

Cars are complex pieces of machinery that many people take for granted. Unless you are in a pretty bad car accident, you can’t really fathom the type of injuries and pain that they can create. Having a really bad car wreck can completely change your entire life in an instant. If you’ve been in an accident where you’ve been injured, chances are you had to take at least some time off of work. For people with bad injuries, a few days can turn into weeks, months or even years. How can you pay for your life (and maybe your family’s life) if you are unable to work? Lawsuit funding for car accidents lets you get funding immediately, while your case is still in court.

2. Insurance is not helping

Insurance is designed to help you in this exact situation, right? Not so fast. Insurance companies are businesses and their main concern is their bottom line. Rather, their only goal is to pay you as little as possible for injuries related to your accident. When insurance money is just not enough to help you get back on your feet, lawsuit funding can help you make ends meet.

3. It’s risk free

Lawsuit funding from Mayfield Settlement Funding is risk free because you only pay back the lawsuit funding if you win your case or reach a settlement. To find out more about how the process works and if you can qualify or lawsuit funding for car accidents, contact the staff at Mayfield Settlement Funding today.