How does a lawsuit cash advance vary from a standard advance?

Since a lawsuit advance will only be paid back if you win your case, you will never be stressed with the extra financial commitment of paying back the monies if you do not win your lawsuit.

Financial backing firms evaluate the merits of your case thoroughly before granting the funds, therefore when you find out that you are eligible, odds are fairly high that you are going to get your settlement.

Since our lawsuit cash advances are non-recourse, you will not be liable for paying back of the cash advance if you lose your case for any reason at all.

No Middlemen – Unlike Other Lawsuit Advance Companies!

Many of our competitors offering lawsuit advances are simply lead generation websites.  This means they are lawsuit advance companies that receive your lead and shop around the deal.  This can mean noticeable delays and unnecessary increases in costs! Don’t settle for mediocre lawsuit advance companies!  Get the best lawsuit advance company available!

Lawsuit Advance Company for Settlement Advances

At Mayfield Settlement Funding, lawsuit cash advances are our business. How does Mayfield differ from other lawsuit advance companies? Our excellent customer support and extremely fast lawsuit advance funding allow us to meet your needs right away. No delays, fast (most in 24 hours – typically faster) – we have the best lawsuit advance team members waiting to work on your advance immediately!

How does a lawsuit advance differ from other common advances? Instead of a physical form of collateral to guarantee repayment, lawsuit advances use the money you expect to receive in your lawsuit settlement as collateral. (Request a no hassle case review.) Individuals can quickly get the money necessary to pay medical bills and other expenses; this means no waiting for your settlement to be reached in order to get your money, which can take months or even years. Your lawsuit cash advance is easily repaid, as you only repay it once your settlement money begins being disbursed. Additionally, lawsuit advances help you avoid putting yourself in a precarious financial situation, because you only repay the money if you win your case. This is incentive enough for those who need money immediately and cannot afford to wait until a settlement is reached in order to receive payment. Since a lawsuit advance is only repaid in the event that you do win your lawsuit, you will not be burdened with the additional financial obligation of repaying the advance if for some reason you do not win your case.

How Do Lawsuit Cash Advances Work?

Pre-Settlement Funding companies review the merits of your lawsuit very carefully before approving the advances, so when it is found that you qualify, chances are high that you will win your settlement because we believe in your case! Because our lawsuit cash advances are non-recourse, you are not responsible for repayment of the advance should you lose your case for any reason.

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Lawsuit cash advances are advantageous for those who have been injured in car wrecks, in the workplace or elsewhere. Those who sustain serious injuries caused by negligence often face substantial medical expenses; these bills must be paid, but you may be unable to work because of your injuries. Consequently, an injured individual may be forced to bring suit against an insurance company or employer in order to get the money they deserve for their injuries. Money given through a lawsuit advances will help you pay additional medical expenses, household bills and other expenses that cannot be “put off” until your lawsuit is settled. Personal injury lawsuits often take months to settle; in the meantime, you could face insurmountable financial difficulties or even bankruptcy. Lawsuit advances help you avoid these situations.

Mayfield Settlement Funding is one of many lenders who offer lawsuit cash advances; some funding companies prefer to work with clients of certain attorneys or legal groups, while others work with any client in need of financial assistance. If you are interested in borrowing against your expected future settlement, your lawyer may recommend a specific lender that he/she has had a good experience with, one that is reputable and dedicated to saving you money through lower fees and interest rates. Lawsuit advances are our specialty. Let us help you through what may be a tough and stressful time in your life.

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Services rendered by Mayfield Settlement Funding are not to be considered lawsuit loans. The terminology “loan” and “loans” are not correct legal or financial terminology or definitions describing transactions that provide legal advances or legal funding. Loans require repayment, which is unlike legal funding. Legal funding only requires payment when the plaintiff receives a monetary award in their case and is disbursed out of settlement.

Rather than a physical kind of collateral to ensure repayment, lawsuit cash advances make use of the payment you anticipate getting in your lawsuit resolution as collateral. (Ask for a zero-headache case evaluation.) Customers can instantly obtain the funds required to pay off medical expenses or other bills; which means very little delays for your settlement to be made so you can have your funds, which may take several months or perhaps years. Your advance is quickly paid back, because you only pay it back when your settlement dollars start being distributed. Furthermore, lawsuit funding helps to prevent you from placing yourself in a grave financial predicament, since you only pay back the funding should you win your case. This is certainly motivation enough for individuals who require funds quickly and are not able to hold out until a resolution is reached to get payment.

Personal injury lawsuit funding. It’s not a loan, it’s a risk-free advance! We are same day, cash advance lenders.

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Mayfield Settlement Funding provides pre-settlement and post-settlement advances that are different than traditional lending.  The terminology “loan” and “loans” are not correct legal or financial terminology or definitions describing Mayfield’s transactions. We provide legal cash advances or legal funding. Loans require repayment, which is unlike legal funding which is non-recourse cash advance. Legal funding only requires payment when the plaintiff receives a monetary award or settlement of their case.


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