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If you are an injury victim who cannot afford to wait for your lawsuit to settle and need money immediately, you may be considering a loan against your lawsuit. At Mayfield Settlement Funding, we specialize in lawsuit funding for those who are facing financial issues or possibly even bankruptcy after sustaining injuries caused by another party. Perhaps you need money now to pay doctor bills, medical expenses and other costs. If you are looking to learn more about how a loan against a lawsuit works so that you can determine if this may be the best course of action for you, we offer the information you need below.The mistake many injury victims make is settling for the first offer the insurance company tosses out, simply because they either need money immediately, or want to avoid a lengthy personal injury lawsuit. However, if you did choose to hire a lawyer to fight for full compensation, you may find that you simply cannot wait for months for your case to reach settlement. This is when you should consider a loan against your lawsuit, which will allow you to get a portion of your expected settlement immediately, if approved.

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A loan against a lawsuit allows qualified applicants to have access to their money right now, usually within 24 hours. We realize that those who are already in a financial bind do not need to add to their burden with fees and other out-of-pocket expenses. With our loan against lawsuit services, you never pay a penny upfront. You only repay the advance when your lawsuit settles and you actually receive your money. If your attorney is unsuccessful in securing a settlement, you owe nothing at all. This means that you do not put your financial future further at risk.

Worried that your credit history or employment status will prevent you from qualifying? When you and your attorney apply for a loan against your lawsuit, you are never asked to provide personal information such as employment history or credit score. In fact, all that is necessary to determine whether you qualify are the details of the accident and the injuries you suffered because of it. Our only concern is whether you have a solid lawsuit that is likely to be won. You will never pay interest or fees unless you win your lawsuit; even then, you will only pay at the time you repay the loan.

At Mayfield Settlement Funding, we realize that injury victims frequently face substantial costs that can quickly lead to financial stress. Medical costs are soaring; you may be unable to work due to your injuries. However, creditors still want their money, and you’re tired of the harassment. If you are considering a loan against your lawsuit, contact us today to learn more. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help and answer any questions you may have.

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Are you currently involved in a lawsuit because of injuries you have suffered? If you need a Loan Against A Lawsuit as you wait for the insurance company or other party to settle? Get money now before you settle!

Mayfield Lawsuit Loans provides Loans Against Lawsuits within 24 hours in most cases. Mayfield understands your situation and advances your money quickly with no credit check! No payments to Mayfield unless you settle your case!

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