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Immediate Cash Advance $500 – $250,000

Fast & Easy Application Process

Same Day Processing

Fast & Friendly Customer Service


Simple Contract - No Gimmicks

Direct Lender - No Middleman

No Application Fee or Monthly Payments

No Credit Checks-No Income Verification

Types Of Cases We Fund


Auto Accidents


Premise Negligence (Slip & Fall)


Jones Act (Maritime)


Pedestrian Injury


Wrongful Death


FELA (Railroad)


General Negligence


Workplace Negligence


Worker's Compensation

Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to HELP – by getting you cash NOW!


Our knowledgeable Los Angeles, California  funding representatives work on your behalf to provide the easiest and fastest solution to put cash (from your pending pre settlement case) in your pocket. We are not a broker. We are one of the few “direct lenders” in the industry and have worked hard over the years to become the premier lawsuit funding company expert in the industry. We work tirelessly to quickly review your case details and provide you immediate cash, Cash you need to relieve the stress. You may have questions, or you may be ready to move forward with a cash advance.

Los Angeles, “City of Angels” or, “L.A.”, is comprised of 5 counties and considered the cultural hub of the Pacific Rim. Home to a diverse multi-ethnic population, Los Angeles boasts a variety of cultural neighborhoods like Chinatown, Koreatown and Little Tokyo. Each area pleasantly reside alongside world-famous locations like the Valley’s Hollywood, Beverly Hills’s upscale Rodeo Drive, or the 75 miles of idyllic coastline running down the Pacific Coast Highway from Malibu to Long Beach. Talk about diversity!

Undisputed fact: Los Angeles is a global mecca of innovative sites and experiences. Conducting business in Los Angeles, California,  provides an international flair. Although the film and television industry generates entertainment to the world, the fastest growing industry in LA is Tourism and Hospitality. And why not? Who isn’t interested in enveloping the senses in LA’s history of being the entertainment capital of the world? Hop a bus – see the sites, tour the homes of movie stars, visit the movie studios and view the over 2,482 stars that align in the Walk of Fame. Locals and tourists alike are never bored with the pace and innovative spirit in the Los Angeles area.

Close LA neighbors offering tourist attractions include: Pasadena (Rose Bowl and Parade), Santa Monica (Pier), world-famous Hollywood, Beverly Hills, coastal beachfront landscapes, world-famous film history museums and still, much more!

Although the Los Angeles area is the place to make your dreams reality, accidents can happen. If you or someone you know suffers a personal injury due to the negligence of someone else, Mayfield Settlement Funding is the funding company to call for help.

Mayfield Settlement Funding understands the stress and struggles you may be experiencing while waiting for your lawsuit case to settle. It can take months before you receive an offer to settle the lawsuit claim. The monthly household bills continue you may have extra costs for medical treatment (because of the accident); you are hurting and may not be able to work. With our easy application process and fast turnaround, getting cash now from your pending lawsuit may be the best news you’ve heard in a long time.

With a Mayfield Settlement advance or cash “loan”, there is no credit or employment check required. No collateral to guarantee repayment. No out-of-pocket costs to complete the application and no monthly billing or invoicing. A Mayfield pre-settlement advance is a non-recourse advance which is quite different than a regular or traditional loan. It’s a no risk to YOU! A non-recourse Mayfield advance simply means — we are repaid once your case settles or an award of funds is released. In the event there is no award or settlement, you are not required to repay the advance/”loan”.

If your lawsuit case is in the Los Angeles or the surrounding areas and you have hired an attorney to represent you, you are pre-approved. Simply give us a call at (855)293-4853 or visit our immediate service page  or email questions [email protected] where one of our California area funding experts will walk you through the easy and quick process.

*Notice, we are not able to offer California Workers Compensation Financing


We are here to help.