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Immediate Cash Advance $500 – $250,000

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Auto Accidents


Premise Negligence (Slip & Fall)


Jones Act (Maritime)


Pedestrian Injury


Wrongful Death


FELA (Railroad)


General Negligence


Workplace Negligence


Worker's Compensation

Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to HELP – by getting you cash NOW!

Midland, Greenwood, Gardendale, Odessa, West Odessa, Texas

If you have suffered an injury caused by the carelessness of someone else, have hired an attorney in the Midland area to pursue your claim and need cash immediately, Mayfield is ready to quickly work on your behalf and provide you with a solution to the mounting bills and worrisome calls from collectors. Mayfield specializes in lawsuit funding and personal injury “cash advances” for folks in your area who need money right now and cannot wait for their lawsuit to settle. Pre-settlement funding with Mayfield provides a way to live comfortably while you wait for your claim to settle. By getting a portion of the money you expect to receive from your settlement, you will be able to pay your bills, rest a little easier and focus on your case details to guarantee you collect the most money possible from the offending side.

Our personal injury “loans” or advances are not like a traditional loan. There is no out-of-pocket cost to you. No employment or credit checking. No collateral. No difficult conversation regarding the use of the money and why you need it. No risk to you. A non-recourse advance from us means you are required to repay us when your case settles. If you do not recover a settlement or award, Mayfield does not expect you to repay us.

We’re fast – it’s easy and our non-recourse lawsuit advance may be your immediate solution!I

Midland is located on the Southern Plains in the western part of Texas. Situated between Fort Worth and El Paso, Midway earned its name in 1880. Two great railroads – the Texas Pacific from Fort Worth and the Southern Pacific from El Paso, began their line expansion and where the tracks met was the midway point. Although our city was initially called Midway, the name was changed to Midland due to another city in Texas having a prior claim to the name of Midway. We like Midland better!

The entire of the railroads, the cattle and ranching industries grew the Midland economy for many years. In 1923, with the Permian Basin discovery of oil, Midland boomed with prosperity and wealth. The transformation from a small, quiet city to a metropolis ranked as the 3rd largest oil field reserves in the US created a diversified explosion of people and industries.

Today, Midland, Texas, still provides one fifth of the nation’s petroleum and natural gas output. However, the growing telecommunications and distribution center industries have changed the complexion of Midland forever. Midland – nicknamed the “Tall City” – is proud of our downtown skyline with buildings like the Wilco, Summit, Petroleum and the Bank of America providing a home to a host of global companies.

For many years, we have strongly supported the performing arts community. Legendary musical greats and local artists offer concerts that are not-to-be missed entertainment events. Magnificent galleries and museums like the McCormick Gallery in the Allison Fine Arts Building, the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum and the Museum of the Southwest are well-visited by locals and visitors.

There’s a lot to do and experience in Midland, Texas, but our real treasure is our people. No “city slickers” here – just friendly, down-to-earth, hard-working folk who are proud to call Midland home. When life unexpectedly takes a wrong turn and an accident happens, you may need help in maintaining your lifestyle while waiting for your pending lawsuit claim to settle. Mayfield Settlement Funding has preapproved Midland and the surrounding area for a “cash advance” or “settlement loan”.

If you have been injured through no fault of your own; are a victim of a personal injury claim from a car accident, slip & fall, dog bite, wrongful death, premises liability case; have an attorney in or around Midland, give us a call at (855)329-1503 or visit our immediate service page  or email questions [email protected]Our Midland funding experts can answer any of your questions and will walk you through the application in just a couple of minutes – and put money in your account ASAP!


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