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Immediate Cash Advance $500 – $250,000

Fast & Easy Application Process

Same Day Processing

Fast & Friendly Customer Service


Simple Contract - No Gimmicks

Direct Lender - No Middleman

No Application Fee or Monthly Payments

No Credit Checks-No Income Verification

Types Of Cases We Fund


Auto Accidents


Premise Negligence (Slip & Fall)


Jones Act (Maritime)


Pedestrian Injury


Wrongful Death


FELA (Railroad)


General Negligence


Workplace Negligence


Worker's Compensation

Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to HELP – by getting you cash NOW!


Montgomery, the capital of Alabama is located on the Alabama River in the Gulf Coastal Plain.  The city was incorporated in 1819, as a merger of two towns situated along the Alabama River. Downtown Montgomery rests along the southern bank of the Alabama River, about 6 miles downstream from the confluence of the Coosa and Tallapoosa rivers.

The most prominent feature of Montgomery’s skyline is the 375 ft, RSA Tower, built in 1996 by the Retirement Systems of Alabama. Downtown also contains many state and local government buildings, including The Alabama State Capitol. The Capitol is located atop a hill at one end of Dexter Avenue, along which also lies the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King, Jr. was pastor.

Montgomery is rich with historical and iconic memory – however it is still an up and coming city. Though Montgomery is the 2nd largest city in Alabama, plans to enrich the city with contemporary design are in full effect.

Montgomery has been recognized nationally for its extremely successful and continuous downtown revitalization. The revitalization started in the early 2000’s with the construction of Montgomery Biscuits minor league baseball stadium and the construction of Riverfront Park. Following those developments hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent by various companies transforming old warehouses and buildings into high end loft apartments, restaurants, retail, hotels, and businesses. Currently there is vast demand for downtown living space.

Though the city may be booming with tourism, economy and land development – you unfortunately may find yourself doing the same in an overcrowded and renovated region.  Unfortunately, with more vehicles navigating the new metropolis, encountering mishap is almost without fail. If the time comes when you or someone you know has been involved in any sort of auto accident or suffered a personal injury, Mayfield Settlement Funding is the place you will want to turn to.

Mayfield Settlement Funding understands the stress and struggles you may be experiencing while waiting for your lawsuit case to settle. It can take months before you receive an offer to settle the lawsuit claim. The monthly household bills continue you may have extra costs for medical treatment (because of the accident); you are hurting and may not be able to work.

With our easy application process and fast turnaround, getting cash now from your pending lawsuit may be the best news you’ve heard in a long time.

With a Mayfield advance or cash “loan”, there is no credit or employment check required. No collateral to guarantee repayment. No out-of-pocket costs to complete the application and no monthly billing or invoicing. A Mayfield pre-settlement advance is a non-recourse advance which is quite different than a regular or traditional loan. It’s a no risk to YOU! A non-recourse Mayfield advance simply means — we are repaid once your case settles or an award of funds is released. In the event there is no award or settlement, you are not required to repay the advance/”loan”.

 Our knowledgeable Montgomery area funding representatives work on your behalf to provide the easiest and fastest solution to put cash (from your pending pre settlement case) in your pocket. We are not a broker. We are one of the few “direct lenders” in the industry and have worked hard over the years to become the premier lawsuit funding company expert in the industry. We work tirelessly to quickly review your case details and provide you immediate cash, cash you need to relieve the stress. You may have questions, or you may be ready to move forward with a cash advance.

If your lawsuit case is in the Montgomery or surrounding areas and you have hired an attorney to represent you, you are pre-approved. Simply give us a call at 1(855)329-1503 or visit our immediate service page  or email questions [email protected] where one of our Birmingham, Alabama area funding experts will walk you through the easy and quick process.


We are here to help.