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Immediate Cash Advance $500 – $250,000

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Pedestrian Injury


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FELA (Railroad)


General Negligence


Workplace Negligence


Worker's Compensation

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Just 8 miles west of Manhattan in the Gateway Region of New Jersey – sloping towards the Passaic River – sits the great city of Newark. The historic roots of Newark date back as far as the 1600’s and its people and accomplishments are a diversified melting pot of cultures and commerce. Newark gained significant international recognition as an industrial giant; in part, due to Port Newark’s being the largest East Coast container shipping terminal. Today, there are numerous companies like Prudential Financial,, Panasonic of North America and PSEG who have established Newark as their home base.

Newark holds many “first time ever” titles. Examples would include the first recorded hotel opening in 1670; the first municipal commercial airport in the US (Liberty International Airport). There are so many other “firsts” in its people and its accomplishments that they are too numerous to list here.  Just for fun, and one of my personal favorites as well as America’s favorite candy – M&M’s – was created in 1940 in Newark by Forrest Mars. Yum!

When an accident happens and you suffered a personal injury, your world is turned topsy-turvy. You may be unable to work due to your injuries. Your monthly living expenses continue and the bills are left unpaid. Plus, you may have additional medical costs to cover. The stress from the accident and your injuries is bad enough. It’s difficult to hold on long enough for your attorney to get the most money from the offending side and settle your case.  If you need financial help during this time, a Mayfield Settlement Funding advance can be your solution.

Lawsuit funding is one solution for Newark, New Jersey residents who are having a difficult time financially after suffering injuries caused by negligence.  At Mayfield Settlement Funding, we provide lawsuit loans to individuals who have a solid, legitimate injury case being handled by an attorney.  We understand that an accident can turn your life upside down, and that between lost income and medical costs, financial problems can seem overwhelming.  If you are interested in learning more about pre-settlement funding, our professionals are happy to help!

In most states, injury lawyers cannot advance funds to the clients they represent.  This has created a need for personal injury loans, which are not actually loans at all but a cash advance given against an expected settlement.  Many people who are injured in slip and fall, auto, work-related, or other types of accidents find that considering the length of time it takes to settle most lawsuits, the financial difficulty become enormous.  Pre-settlement funding makes it possible for you to pay the monthly bills, have your property repaired or replaced, buy groceries, and meet other financial obligations while waiting to receive the damages you deserve.

Unlike with conventional bank loans, qualifying for lawsuit funding in Newark, New Jersey, does not require that you have great credit or an outstanding employment history.  As long as your lawsuit is strong and not frivolous, it is likely you will qualify.  Most personal injury attorneys do not accept weak cases, so the fact that you have a lawyer representing you indicates the strength of your claim to an extent.  Our settlement funding experts will review your case and quickly determine whether you are eligible for an advance.

Lawsuit loans simply provide the financial relief you need so that you can live as you normally would while waiting to receive your settlement.  The process is simple, and requires that your attorney fill out an application regarding the specifics of your case.  Once submitted, we will review it for approval and if approved, you will have the money you need immediately!

It is important to note that personal injury loans are a non-recourse type of funding in Newark, New Jersey.  This simply means that in the event you do not recover damages or get the money you believed you would win, you do not repay the advance, or any associated fees/interest.  You only repay the funding company if you do recover damages.  This way, you are never at any risk of having to pay back an advance when you do not have the money.

Are you ready to learn if you may qualify for lawsuit funding?  Mayfield Settlement Funding invites you to contact our office to learn more, or fill out our online form for a quick response from our knowledgeable professionals.

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