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Life can be unpredictable! Until you or a loved one experience a personal injury or car accident lawsuit, you have no idea how emotionally, physically and financially draining it can be. Most people are shocked how long it may take for a case to resolve – months and sometimes years before you receive an award. How can you and your family survive? What are to do when you are unable to work, the extra medical costs and everyday living expenses have drained your savings and they continue to mount? Bill collectors don’t care and the troublesome calls continue because they want their money. It’s difficult to curb the nagging urge to settle your case early just to eliminate the stress. A Mayfield Settlement funding advances can halt the pressure of mounting bills and allow your attorney the necessary time to work towards an acceptable settlement award.

Mayfield understands this situation and provides lawsuit loans that have helped thousands of people – just like you – through this challenging time by providing an advance on a portion of the money you expect to receive once your case settles. We make an immediate difference when you need money fast and you need it NOW! How we work is very simple and extremely fast. There are no out-of-pocket fees, no employment or credit check, no collateral required, no hassles, no broker fees and no embarrassing questions to answer. Best of all, there is no risk! If your case does not settle and no award is provided, there is no Mayfield Settlement loans repayment required. Now, that’s no risk!

What are you waiting for? We promise to work hard for you with dedicated individualized service for the results you deserve. From your first advance to your last, you can depend on Mayfield Pre Settlement Funding to make the seemingly impossible situation possible.

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Being Approved

Since we don’t do credit report checks or earnings verification, you have a greater possibility of getting approved. Once you close with Mayfield Settlement Funding you can immediately begin using your legal funding funds for the things you really need, such as:

New Car

Medical Expenses / Accessories

Mortgage Payments

Additional Expenses

And Much More

Services rendered by Mayfield Settlement Funding are not to be considered lawsuit loans. The terminology “loan” and “loans” are not correct legal or financial terminology or definitions describing transactions that provide legal cash advances or legal funding. Loans require repayment, which is unlike legal funding which is non-recourse cash advance. Legal funding only requires payment when the plaintiff receives a monetary award or settlement of their case.


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