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At Mayfield Settlement Funding, we offer personal injury loans to those who qualify. Waiting for your lawsuit to settle can put you in a serious financial bind; not only are you facing medical expenses you were not facing prior to your injuries, you may be unable to work. Attending court takes away from work time, and your income is limited. Personal injury loans are one option for those who need money immediately in order to pay bills and avoid financial burdens, possibly even bankruptcy.Unlike other types of loans, personal injury loans do not require that physical collateral such as your home, car or other assets be used to guarantee repayment of the loan. Your collateral is your pending settlement; the funding company has reviewed your case thoroughly, and is fairly certain that you will win your settlement. You only repay the lender when your settlement has been dispersed; if for any reason you are not awarded the settlement you expect to win, you pay nothing to the funding company. Personal injury loans are a good way to protect yourself from the added worry of how you would repay the loan if you were to lose your lawsuit, because you do not have to.

It is not uncommon for personal injury lawsuits to take months to settle, sometimes even longer. The legal process is one that is often long and frustrating. How can you pay your normal household bills, medical expenses, legal fees and other costs when you cannot work? The stress and worry can become too much to bear, and a real strain on your finances. Personal injury loans help you avoid this situation, so that you can live normally and protect your credit rating while waiting on your settlement.

You may be tempted to accept a low settlement due to financial pressure, but you can avoid this by getting a “cash advance” against your settlement. Not only do personal injury loans help you pay the bills and avoid financial problems, but you can also pay the legal fees necessary for your lawyer to work aggressively on your lawsuit in order to secure the best possible outcome.

In addition, many people receive their money in what is commonly known as a structured settlement; this means that your funds will be dispersed in smaller payments or increments instead of one lump sum. When you need money right away, personal injury loans allow you to get that money quickly; you can then use your structured settlement payments to repay the funding company once they are dispersed. This helps you avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

A lawsuit that drags on indefinitely can drive you deep into debt; at Mayfield Settlement Funding, we offer personal injury loans to those who have been made victims through no fault of their own. Call us today, and let us help you get the money you deserve.

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Are you currently involved in a lawsuit because of injuries you have suffered? If you need Personal Injury Loans money as you wait for the insurance company or other party to settle? Get money now before you settle!

Mayfield Personal Injury Loans provides Personal Injury Loans within 24 hours in most cases. Mayfield Personal Injury Loans understands your situation and advances your money quickly with no credit check! No payments to Mayfield unless you settle your case!

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