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Surrounded by majestic mountains and captivating canyons, Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah and a perfect town-and- country location.

Salt Lake City began in 1847 when a group of Mormons (Latter Day Saints) – led by Brigham Young – sought a secluded site to comfortably practice their faith without interference. The search ended with the discovery of a visually appealing area of land. Sheltered by the picturesque backdrop of the Wasatch Range with Twin Peaks standing at its highest point, Salt Lake City became the inspiration and reason why Brigham Young named it “Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”.

The landscape of the Salt Lake City area embraced the original founders who made it home and built a city designed for healthy living. The same desires sought by the forefathers continue to attract individuals seeking a healthy and unique lifestyle.

Salt Lake City is not like any other city. It’s so much more! It’s vibrant and thriving in every way! It easily fulfills the quest of finding a city that is near-perfection. Millions of visitors flock to world-class ski and summer resorts to partake in the ultimate outdoor activities for health and fun. Tourism and conventions are whole-heartedly welcomed and offer amenities and services at a top-notch level of service.

Even in an ideal location like the Salt Lake City area, accidents can and do happen. If you become a victim of an accident, have suffered a personal injury, and have hired an attorney – Mayfield Settlement Funding can help you immediately. It may be difficult to financially keep your life going and you may be feeling the stress of getting behind on payments. You may have additional medical costs due to your injuries and you are unable to work because of your injuries.  At Mayfield Settlement Funding, we understand! We specialize in pre-settlement advances or “loans”. When you need cash and cannot wait the months or even years it takes for your lawsuit to settle, we have a solution!

Consider contacting Mayfield Settlement Funding for a competitive quote today. When you are involved in an accident, often times the medical costs, lost wages, property damage and rehabilitation costs can be enormous. This can bring about a need for a Salt Lake City, Utah, lawsuit loan to provide you with the money needed to thrive and make it through the remainder of your case. Depending on the severity of your case and facts surrounding your injuries, our Salt Lake City, Utah, pre-settlement funding company can provide loans of all sizes to help you through these difficult times.

Salt Lake City, Utah, Lawsuit Loans are not typical loans, they are actually legal advances or pre-settlement funding prior to the settlement of your case. They aren’t considered loans for the reason that no payments are made unless your case settles and you are awarded compensation. Salt Lake City, Utah, personal injury loans can help you pay your everyday living expenses, medical costs and rehabilitation costs so that you can have extra assistance before your case settles.

Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to HELP – by getting you cash NOW!

Common types of accidents are outlined below that may require Salt Lake City Utah settlement funding or settlement loans:

  • Salt Lake City, Utah, car accident loans : When involved in a collision, you can suffer physical injuries and there is likely property damage to your vehicle as well. After your accident, your out of pocket costs often times include medical bills, chiropractic care, rehabilitation, property damage costs, auto deductibles, counseling and more. In severe incidents you may have lost wages which can become a large contributor to rising expenses for the injured victim. All of these costs can be a valid reason in which an individual would see value in obtaining a Salt Lake City, Utah, lawsuit loan or settlement loan.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah, slip and fall injuries : When unmarked floors are dangerous because of uneven surfaces or spilled liquids, an injury can occur very easily that should have been prevented. These injuries can be serious, and often times the injuries can require numerous medical office visits or in serious cases emergency assistance. Broken hips, limbs, back injuries and serious sprains can result from these types of falls. This is especially true if the injured victim was elderly or the surface was dangerous. Obtaining Salt Lake City, Utah, pre-settlement funding can help pay your day to day living costs or assist you in receiving more medical treatment that you could not afford without our funding. Additionally, if you have been unable to work because of your fall, lost wages can be a valid reason you may look into acquiring a Salt Lake City, Utah, settlement loan.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah, motorcycle accident financing : When an individual is injured in a motorcycle accident, the injuries can be extreme. Unfortunately motorcycle riders don’t have the same safety features available to automobile drivers. Safety harnesses, enclosed driving spaces and air bags prevent extreme injuries for many car drivers, and obviously these are not available when driving a motorcycle. Additionally, many car drivers don’t pay close enough attention to motorcycle drivers and these automobiles can easily initiate a rear end collision with your motorcycle. Your injuries may require numerous medical procedures, rehabilitation and time off of work. If you have been injured and have mounting medical bills and/or loss of employment costs, you should consider obtaining a Salt Lake City, Utah, settlement loan to help cover costs during this time of healing.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah, wrongful death loan : The loss of a loved one is the most difficult process that we as humans have to go through. Unfortunately, many deaths were preventable and require a lawsuit in order to help pay for the costs associated with the loss of your family member. If your loved one was the income earner for your family, and they passed away because of the negligence or intentional harm of someone else; Mayfield Settlement Funding may be able to provide you with Salt Lake City, Utah, settlement loans to give you money prior to closing your case. If you have mounting living costs, counseling costs and funeral expenses – our Salt Lake City, Utah, lawsuit loans may be beneficial for your family.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah, personal injury loans : There are a vast array of other personal injury cases that you may have been involved with including on-the-job injuries which have brought about a lawsuit. If you are in need of money prior to settling your case, consider contacting Mayfield Settlement Funding to review your options and to help you obtain a lawsuit loan that fits your needs prior to settlement.

The unfortunate fact is that lawsuit’s can take many months and even years to settle. If you are in need of a settlement loan at this time to assist you in “staying afloat” financially during your case, contact us today to discuss your options. Our pre-settlement funding services provide lawsuit loans as quickly as 24 hours from our initial contact.

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