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Immediate Cash Advance $500 – $250,000

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Types Of Cases We Fund


Auto Accidents


Premise Negligence (Slip & Fall)


Jones Act (Maritime)


Pedestrian Injury


Wrongful Death


FELA (Railroad)


General Negligence


Workplace Negligence


Worker's Compensation

Mayfield Settlement Funding is here to HELP – by getting you cash NOW!


If you live in Savannah, Georgia, and are interested in learning more about personal injury loans and whether you qualify, Mayfield Settlement Funding can help.  Essentially, lawsuit funding is a financial option for individuals who have filed a lawsuit or claim for an injury sustained due to negligence, and who are represented by an attorney.  The process of recovering damages or compensation can take a very long time, leaving those who are injured facing enormous medical costs, lost wages, and more.  Pre-settlement funding makes it possible for those who qualify to get a portion of the compensation they expect to recover now, before the lawsuit completes.

Most people never realize the serious impact to their financial situation of a serious accident with injury until it happens to them.  Being involved in a car or motorcycle accident, or even taking prescription drugs that were prescribed to you can leave you injured.  When the injuries are serious enough to require medical treatment and cause you to miss work, it can be financially devastating depending on the situation.  Lawsuit loans are designed to help those who are facing lost income and substantial medical costs meet their financial obligations while waiting for their lawsuit to settle.

Individuals in Savannah , Georgia, who file a personal injury lawsuit are never 100% certain of the outcome; other than settlement funding, there are no other financial vehicles in which you can obtain an advance or “borrow” against an outcome that is not certain.  Think of personal injury loans as an advance against the settlement you expect to be awarded when all is said and done.  You are essentially getting a cash advance of your own money, that which you expect to be compensated as a result of your injuries and the associated costs.

Unlike with conventional bank loans, you will not need to worry about your credit score, employment history, or other details that could affect your ability to get a loan with other institutions/methods.  With pre-settlement funding, the only basis for whether you are approved for an advance is the strength of your case.  If you have a strong, legitimate case that your attorney believes in, chances are you will be eligible for an advance.  At Mayfield Settlement Funding, our financial professionals will closely review the information submitted by your lawyer to determine whether you qualify, and if so how much your advance may be.

Ultimately, those in Savannah, Georgia, who have suffered injury because of negligence do not have to take a lesser settlement than they deserve, or go broke in the process of waiting for a settlement to be reached in a lawsuit.  Lawsuit funding makes it possible for you to meet your monthly obligations, pay your mortgage, buy groceries, and generally live your life while waiting for a verdict.  In the event you do not win, you owe no repayment, fees, or interest to the funding company.  It’s risk free, so why not call Mayfield Settlement Funding today to learn more?

Let Mayfield Settlement Funding be your immediate solution to the mounting bills and worrisome calls from bill collectors. If you need money right now and cannot wait for your case to settle and you have an attorney, we can help you live comfortably while you wait for your lawsuit claim to settle. It’s fast – really fast – and it’s easy!

Call us at (855)293-4853 or visit our immediate service page  or email questions [email protected] where one of our Savannah, Georgia, area funding experts will walk you through the easy and quick process.


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