At Blue Fire Funding, we provide settlement funds to people who are awaiting a lawsuit or the insurance provider to pay out, which can take weeks or even months. When you have to pay off expenses, medical bills along with other expenses, the waiting around could seem interminable.

In addition, you might not be able to do your job because of your injuries and time in the courtroom, making your monetary problem all the more demanding. Settlement advances are an alternative that many who are engaged in personal injury legal proceedings think about for financial relief.
If you find yourself dealing with bills which you do not possess the funds to pay off while awaiting your settlement, a settlement advance could be the answer.

Exactly how does settlement funding work?

The procedure is rather easy. This kind of funding utilizes the calculation of your legal compensation as security; you do not need to supply physical collateral to ensure repayment of the cash advance to Blue Fire.

Basically, the lender knows the worth of your compensation at the outset; therefore your cash advance is generally done quickly since there is not any waiting around to figure out the worth of your guarantee like with conventional financial advances.


Most advance companies who provide settlement advances only receive reimbursement should you win your case; in case you didn’t win and were given a settlement, you do not have to pay back the advance.

Settlement advances are not just good for covering the costs of daily bills and medical expenses; fortunately they are great for people who get their funds in structured settlement payments. If you are dealing with monetary challenges a settlement funding lets you get a onetime payment instead of getting your cash in modest incremental installments. When you start getting your installments, you will be able to make use of that money for paying back of the advance.

If you need funds to handle medical expenses, residential utilities, legal expenses along with other costs to help you live in comfort while awaiting your settlement, depend on Blue Fire Funding.

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