Thank you for visiting Mayfield Settlement Funding! Do you have a pending lawsuit or insurance claim with an attorney involved? Are you finding yourself in need of money now in order to pay bills or medical expenses, or just want some extra cash before your case closes?

Why Wait?

Why wait months, or even longer depending on your case in order to get the money you rightfully deserve. Personal injury cases take time and money, and in order to avoid settling early for a lower settlement – you can get cash now.

Why Consider Mayfield Settlement Funding?

Look no further than Mayfield Settlement Funding, we offer friendly and quick service from our team of experts. They are ready to assist to help get you money FAST. Mayfield is self-funded direct writer, No middleman-! Many other providers rely on outside investors and you may face several days of delays simply because they shop around your case instead of handling everything in house.

We can get your money to you ASAP- even same day!

What Is Needed To Apply?

We require no credit checks or employment verification to obtain your money. We base your personal injury advance on the case itself. We handle all the work with your attorney and ironing out the details.

Simply fill out our easy online application and we will get working immediately! We won’t keep you waiting, we do the work and we get you money fast. If you are ready to move forward, or just want to learn more – fill out our simple application, or call one of our friendly support team members today.

No risk to you – if you don’t win, you don’t pay!

Like we said, there is no credit check; no employment verification and no requirements other than a solid case with an attorney.

Thank you once again for visiting Mayfield Settlement Funding, and we look forward to helping you through this tough time you have encountered.


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