Types Of Cases


Wrongful Death

There are no words to express sorrow felt after the death of someone you love, particularly as a result of a pointless accident resulting from the behavior or carelessness of others. Along with having an awful emotional effect on those who remain, the wrongful death of someone close can result in substantial financial difficulties. These financial difficulties can negatively impact your ability to settle a case for what you are rightfully entitled to. Mayfield Pre-Settlement Funding helps bridge that gap by providing a legal funding lifeline so you can win your case.

Premise Negligence (Slip and Fall)

If you have been hurt on someone else’s property and the proprietor failed to alert you of the potential danger, the proprietor could be found negligent and responsible. Premise liability lawsuits cover an array of mishaps; however “slip and fall” scenarios are the most typical. Obtaining litigation funding can be key to pay your bills.
This kind of personal injury can happen on private or public premises and might be due to irregular or broken walkways, badly lighted paths, slick or unstable flooring, potholes, torn carpeting or rugs, or even bad weather.

Jones Act (Maritime)

Similar to FELA outlined above, the Jones Act was passed into law to safeguard maritime employees involved in mishaps while on the job. Obviously, claimants have to show that their employers were “at fault.”
But at times “comparative fault” is involved in these cases. If the workplace can show that the plaintiff’s behavior added to or triggered the mishap, the sum of the payout will be decreased accordingly. This clause is why almost all companies will attempt to lay the blame with plaintiffs for their own mishaps – and why these kinds of cases might take a long time to settle. It is this legal delay that makes it hard for plaintiffs to receive a fair and equitable judgement for their case.  Avoiding giving in early for your settlement cash advance can increase your settlement amount dramatically.

General Negligence

Negligence lawsuits include a wide variety of particular grievances like: pet bites, amusement park accidents, cycling and pedestrian accidents, and also homeowner and elderly care facility negligence. Because these cases are costly and time-consuming to fight, the defendant will likely wish to settle immediately, but that seldom implies that the settlement offer is sufficient to cover the damage from the negligence.

Auto Accidents

Certain types of car accident claims tend not to settle quickly, which can be a major problem for victims. Getting hurt is bad enough, however, if you cannot work, life gets much more difficult. While expenses accumulate, individuals usually feel stress to settle their cases too soon for much less than the reasonable amount. Mayfield Settlement Funding provides fast settlement loans and provides you and your lawyer time to work your case!  You also obtain space and bargaining power so you’re not pressured to grab the defendant’s initial offer.

Workplace Negligence

A work-related injury is often protected by workers comp coverage. But, if the personal injury resulted from negligence on the employer’s part, a fellow worker or a device, instrument or equipment made by a third party, a workplace negligence lawsuit could be eligible. These tend to be resolved separately from the state-specific workers comp “no-fault” claims procedure.
Because these instances are not regarded as “no fault,” it will be the claimant’s burden to show that the other party is accountable. This could result in a lengthy, combative battle requiring time energy and legal funding.

Pedestrian Injury

Are you aware that a pedestrian is injured, on average, every 7 minutes? Accidents with automobiles or bikes, or injuries as a result of dangerous environments, can occur at any moment. If you’ve suffered injuries via some other party’s carelessness, please be aware the legal system moves slowly, even if you have a solid case. Mayfield Settlement Funding can give you much needed cash to make sure you have the time to settle the case and obtain a loan against your lawsuit.

FELA (Railroad)

The Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) provides compensation for railroad workers injured on the job. Almost any worker employed by a railroad company, even those whose primary responsibilities are not performed in or around trains, is protected under the FELA.

Workers Comp

Nearly 50% of all work place accidents are severe enough to result in the worker missing work or necessitate recurring medical care. Worker’s Compensation laws were designed to safeguard injured employees by covering medical care, reimbursement for lost income associated with the injury and rehab and/or retraining if required. Because paying out for these claims are often expensive, companies don’t usually think they are genuine, resulting in unnecessary waiting times in resolving them. Furthermore, defendants usually don’t even make a starting offer to settle your claim because they don’t want to pay at all. A legal funding advance is a great reason to give your lawyer the time needed to be patient enough to win a good settlement.


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